This Sunday, June 5, at Walnut Hill Church …

Sunday Conversations, 10am, Trinity Hall

A Trinity of Relationship

We will view and discuss a video featuring Richard Rohr
presenting the notion of the Trinity as an image suggesting
the importance of "relationship" rather than a rigid doctrine
intended to describe who (what) God is.

Morning Worship, 11am, Sanctuary

Sermon - Elijah's Drought
Text - 1 Kings 17:1-16

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

Nursery Care and Sunday School for Children

After Worship Gathering, Noon, Trinity Hall

All are invited to gather for refreshments and fellowship.


Resettlement 2016 - Persons who would like to learn more
about our work with the Al-Nawasra family are invited to
gather for a few minutes after worship this Sunday.


The Vestry will meet at 9:30am in the upstairs office of
Trinity Hall.

Welcome to Walnut Hill Church

An Ecumenical Church in the Fayette County, KY countryside

Pastoral Letters

Our Building

Walnut Hill Church was constructed in 1801 on land donated by Mary Todd Lincoln’s grandfather. It is the oldest Presbyterian Church building in Kentucky.

The church was established in 1785 to serve the religious needs of the early pioneers. The first pastor of the church was the Reverend James Crawford who also served as a delegate to the Kentucky Constitutional Convention in Danville in 1792. In 1785, Reverend James Crawford was one of two ministers ordained at the first meeting of a presbytery in Kentucky. In 1791 he opened a school at Walnut Hill for Latin, Greek, and the Sciences. Crawford died in 1803 and is buried in the church cemetery.

The present building was constructed during the "great revival" to replace an earlier log building that stood on the site. The building is stone and as it was originally constructed had eight square windows on two levels that allowed light to enter the sanctuary at the ground level as well as in the galleries that surrounded the inner room on three sides. In 1880 the church was remodeled and eight large Gothic windows were added to replace the square windows and the galleries were removed from the inside.

Walnut Hill Church